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California Tan Lotions

California Tan tanning lotions have the most innovative and luxurious tanning lotion products on the market today. California Tan indoor tanning lotions are infused with superior tanning and skincare ingredients. California Tan products are designed to produce, oxygenate, and extend a beautiful dark long-lasting tan.

California Tan

California Tan products have gone above and beyond to develop the most scientifically advanced tanning products in the industry to date. California Tan uses a unique process to develop their tanning lotions including favorites like California Tan Tekton, California Tan ID and California Tan Coast to mention a few. All products are designer to produce, oxygenate and extend your tan so you geta long lasting glow that you love. Every California Tan lotion is made proudly without animal testing, learn more about their products @californiatan on Instagram.

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