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Designer Skin Lotions

Designer Skin tanning lotions have some of the most luxurious tanning lotion fragrances. Designer Skin specializes and is dedicated to delivering superior results by providing innovative tanning lotion products. The tanning lotion is a bronzing system from Designer Skin that produces one of the most outstanding bronze tanning colors.

Designer Skin

Designer Skin products are high end tanning lotion products that are valued for the glamor and lotion quality. Designer Skin is the celebrity brand of tanning lotions and dedicated to the advanced bronzing systems for unapparelled skin care. Designer skin products not only help you develop a perfect tan but also soft elegant skin that feels and looks great. The most popular Designer Skin products include Misbehaved, Awe Struck and Stardom tanning lotions. Designer Skin tanning lotions rage from 50X to 100X bronzing power and are in incredibly high demand.

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