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Emerald Bay Tanning Lotion

Emerald Bay Tanning Lotions by California Tan tanning lotions have the most innovative and luxurious tanning lotion products ranging from Black Emerald to Definitely Dark tanning lotions. Emerald Bay indoor tanning lotions Smooth, Alluring and rich on bronzing colors that help establish a perfect shade of tan.

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay is a select line of tanning lotions made by California Tan and each tanning lotion has a special purpose. Emerald Bay Beach Daze, Dark MOJO and Definity Black are some of the favorites that stand out from the 2021 product line. Emerald Bay products offer a deep bronze with formulas that include vitamin E, Saffir Oil, agave nectar and more. These lotions are great for a balance of color and moisturizer that will keep your skin looking tan and glowing. It’s always summer at the bay!

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