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HEMPZ Tanning Lotion

Hempz tanning lotions hydrate while delivering powerful tanning lotion moisture, vitamin E that acts as a natural emollient, and omega fatty acids help strengthen the skin barrier. Hempz tanning lotions are formulated with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that produce a balanced perfect bronze color tan.


Hempz does hydration and lotions right with 100% natural products that are formulated to bring out the best in any skin type. Hempz HydroBronze is gaining momentum and popularity among the top tanning lotion brands, this product formulation and results are next to perfect. In addition to HydroBronze the Hempz CBD line stands out and is available in three different lotions, Natural Bronzer, Dark Maximizer and Black Bronzer. With such such diverse product lines at Hemz they have something for everyone including the new fruit mash up collection of moisturizers. . Don’t miss out on these amazing tanning lotions, purchase one while supplies last and visit @Hempz Instagram to learn more about these amazing products.

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