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Millennium Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning lotion products inspiration comes from the excitement and limitless potential that a new century can bring coupled with the desire to deliver the highest quality tanning lotion products. Discover the advantages of Millennium Tanning lotion for the next time you get your bronze tanning color to come to perfection.


Millennium Tanning has taken the new century by storm creating the most popular tanning products of all time. These product lines contain Paint it Black and Solid Black which are wildly know to any avid tanner today. Millennium Tanning as has released 6 new products this year in a impressive new tanning lotion lineup. The products are Millennium Solid Black Special Reserve, Millennium Solid Black Extending Moisturizer, Millennium Solid Black Leg Bronzer, Millennium Solid Black Face Bronzer in addition to a hyperallergic tanning lotion and a brand-new spray tan product. Millennium Tanning guarantee that there products contain only the finest and freshest ingredients. Don’t miss out on these amazing tanning lotions, purchase one while supplies last.

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