Australian Gold Body Kisses Moisturizing Daily Tan Extender 18 oz

Australian Gold BODY KISSES Tan Extender

SKU: 54402340400

The Australian gold body kisses daily tan extender can be prolonging the life of your dark color can now be a daily pleasure! This tan extender has an amplified moisture blend that delivers instant hydration while locking in moisture for hours, ensuring touchable soft skin. In addition, the hemp seed extract conditions for a younger-looking complexion, while the triple action toning complex works to reduce puffiness, protect and energize for a perfectly contoured silhouette. 


This body kisses moisturizing daily tan extender can be the perfect tan extender for you. This moisturizing daily tan extender has natural ingredients which provide a treat leaving your skin feeling lusciously nourished, soft, and smooth. This Australian tan extender also gives you to dramatically darken skin after UV exposure for a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan.  




  • Hydrating

  • THC-Drug Free

  • Hemp Seed Extract Tan Extender




  • Intense moisture extract that softens, softens, and hydrates the skin

  • Natural skin-condition humectants for 24 hours of continuous intense hydration

  • Triple Action slimming mix with body-contouring for visibly firm shape




  • Item: Tan Extender 

  • Volume: 18 fl oz   

  • Type of Skin: All Skin Types

  • Skin tone: Deep

  • Fragrance: Fresh Rain