Australian Gold Guilty Pleasure Tanning Lotion

Australian GOLD GUILTY PLEASURE Tanning Lotion

SKU: 54402310687

The Australian gold Guilty pleasure tanning lotion with 28th dimension over-indulgent white bronzer. Sometimes you just need to be pampered! Treat yourself with this 28th dimension over-indulgent white bronzer that will drench your skin in streak-free perfection. A superior blend of natural bronzers and mahakanni provides instant color gratification, while DHA with erythrulose.


Go ahead and give into that enjoyable weakness and fulfill that need with guilty. Pleasure  28th dimension over-indulgent white bronzer. It has a special formulation that combines DHA with erythrulose, natural bronzers, mahakanni, and derma-dark resulting in flawless longer-lasting divine supple skin. A sweet concoction of wine and cocoa extracts helps to nourish and provide rich antioxidants for a more youthful look.




  • Dha white bronzer for instant and long-lasting results

  • The flawless finish leaves skin with a touchable, powder-like feel

  • Helps fight the signs of aging with essential minerals & nutrients

  • Naturally obtained 92 essential minerals, including silver, rejuvenate and soothe for visibly smoother skin




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume:  10 fl. Oz

  • Application: Body

  • Fragrance: Sugared Mango Fizz