Australian Gold Hemp Nation Agave & Lime Moisturizing Tan Extender 18 oz

Australian Gold HEMP NATION AGAVE & LIME Moisturizer

SKU: 54402340493

Australian gold hemp nation agave & lime moisturizing tan extender moisturizer with hemp seed oil mixed with agave, lime, sea salt & derma-dark bronzer shake things up with hemp nation agave & lime. Your skin will drink up the margarita mix that blends together skincare ingredients to refresh and invigorate for a glowing complexion, while derma-dark bronzer continues to build gradual color with daily use. Luxurious hydrating complex replenishes dry skin, while advanced age-defying blend works to guard against the signs of aging and provides a natural radiance.


Pure Hemp seed oil replenishes thirsty skin with essential fatty and amino acids for silky, smooth, touchable skin. Our unique blend of Vitamins, HydraRich Blend, Age-Defying Blend, and Soft Focus Microspheres work to help protect the skin against the signs of aging, provide natural radiance and prolong color. 



  • Agave & Lime Fragrance

  • THC-Drug Free and No Added Parabens

  • A powerful natural color enhancer that helps build color gradually with daily use

  • The perfectly portioned blend of Agave, Lime, and Sea Salt providing skin soothing and rejuvenation for glowing, smooth skin




  • Formulation: Lotion/Moisturizer

  • Type: Daily use

  • Volume: 18 fl oz

  • Body area: Full body