Australian Gold Hot! Hybrid Intensifier Tanning Lotion 8.5 oz


SKU: 54402340417

This moisturizer helps the skin condition to look and feel healthier. This maximum tanning energy lotion contains exclusive premium oils that widen the tanning rays for your darkest tan. The super-rich, ultra moisturizing lotion formula is ideal for those wishing to apply both beginner tanner and a base tan


Hot! The hybrid uses our different aloe-base that gives deeper conditioning and moisturizing for softer skin and elongated appearance, attacking the skin with maximum tanning power intensifier tanning oil and eroded herbal extract, making dark natural color possible. Red light collagen boost provides incredible skincare to help smooth and tone.



  • Formulated to be used in a UV bed, Red Light Bed, or a UV/Red Light Hybrid bed

  • Maximum Tanning Energy Intensifier

  • Red Light Collagen Boost

  • Fragrance- Cocoa Dreams




  • Formulation: Lotion

  • Skin Type: Regular Skin

  • Volume: 8.5 oz 

  • Type: For Indoor Use