Australian Gold Pretty Fierce Tanning Lotion

Australian Gold PRETTY FIERCE Tanning Lotion

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Australian gold pretty fierce exotic Aussie dark bronzing blend with color guard tanning lotion. Explore your darkest color potential with an exotic Aussie dark™ bronzing blend that promotes your color to the edge. Convey your tattoos with a decadent gulp of hydration with colorguard™ plus tattoo technology that gives moisturization and vibrancy for beautiful works of art.


Exotic Aussie dark bronzing blend strong natural extracts are combined flawlessly with dha and provitamin b5 for dark provocative color. Color guard™ plus tattoo technology is a luxurious blend of tiger grass and cocoa butter that deeply hydrates and guards for more vibrant tattoos.




  • Purrfection Finish Primer:

  • exotic Australian ingredients

  • Desert Harvest Blend:

  • Strong natural extracts




  • Beautiful works of art
  • Promote your color to the edge
  • Gives moisturization and vibrancy
  • Help to preserve for a long-lasting dark color
  • Hydrates and guards for more vibrant tattoos.




  • Item: Lotion
  • Size: 8.5 fl. oz
  • Body Area: Full Body