Australian Gold Run Wild Uninhibited Dark Bronzing Blend - 8.5 oz.

Australian Gold RUN WILD Tanning Lotion

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The dark color is definitely free! Uninhibited Dark Bronzing blend flawlessly blends DHA with skin-nourishing tropical oils for certain bronze results and a radiant, glowing complexion. Calm frantic skin including a brilliant desert complex unleashes the energy of the Australian desert for a soft and smooth tanning portrait. This dark bronzing blend gives tattoos a dying gulp of hydration with Colorguard plus tattoo technology to give vibrancy to all your wonderful works of artwork! 


Run wild dark bronzer uniquely formed with DHA and a trio of tropical oils that enhance dark color and present skin with a decadent luminosity. A brilliant desert complex that has native Australian ingredients combine to assist in soothing and nourishing soft, touchable skin. Wild tanning lotion has a luxurious blend of tiger grass and cocoa butter that genuinely hydrates and preserves for a more vibrant tattoo shop all off with a perfect finish primer to give skin free of imperfections for an overall alluring appearance. Let your color be loose and sprint wild!




  • Uniquely formed with DHA and a trio of Tropical Oils

  • Improve dark color and present skin a decadent luminosity

  • Aid to soothe and nourish soft, touchable skin

  • Manages to hydrate and protect for more vivacious ink

  • Supplies in imperfections and evens skin tone for a flawless bronzed hue




  • Item Form: Lotion

  • Size: 8.5 oz.

  • Skin Type: Problematic skin

  • Application: Full Body

  • Fragrance: Fruit Frenzy

  • Use: Indoor & outdoor