Australian Gold Smooth Legs Dark Bronzer Tanning Lotion 3.5 oz

Australian gold SMOOTH LEGS Bronzing Tanning

SKU: 5440230479

Australian gold smooth legs ultra-dark leg bronzer tanning lotion buzz your color up an indent with this ultra-dark leg bronzer. Natural bronzers are combined with optimal levels of DHA and erythrulose for instant color gratification and deeper, developed dark results. Powder's perfect finish gives an airbrushed effect for a luxurious feel. 


The sleek shave minimizer works to diminish stubble and seal in moisture for silky, smooth legs. Toning complex decadent blend of oils, shea butter, and stevia tighten and hydrate for soft, touchable skin. Powder's perfect finish leaves skin with a satin, powdery after-feel lavish yourself with this tropical amber fragrance.




  • Toning Complex

  • Powder Perfect Finish

  • Sleek Shave Minimizer

  • Ultra-Dark Smooth Leg Bronzer

  • Lavish Yourself with Tropical Amber Fragrance

  • a Decadent Blend of Oils and Hydrate for Soft, Touchable Skin




  • Type: For Sunbed Use

  • Color: Gold

  • Size: 3.5. oz

  • Application: Full Body