Australian Gold Summer Love Tanning Lotion

Australian Gold SUMMER LOVE Tanning Lotion

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Australian gold summer loves delightful bronzer with bathing suit body advanced tanning lotion. Don’t let your unforgettable beach color be simply a fling with this delightful dermadark® bronzer that can be used daily to boost your color days longer. The bikini body advanced will have you flaunting what you’ve got whereas it tones and tightens for an unbelievably bright silhouette.


Now vacation color doesn’t have to be compelled to simply be summer love™, it will last all year round!  Delightful dermadark® bronzer has a strong natural color-enhancing mix for fast streak-free, dark color.  Bikini body complex tone and revitalize with this distinctive complex that energizes, brightens, and improves overall skin appearance.




  • Help to keep youthful-looking skin.

  • Moisturizes and repairs dry, damaged skin

  • Help to provide skin a natural, sun-kissed glow

  • Produces natural color with streak-free bronzers




Item Type: Lotion

Ingredients: Lemon

Item Weight: 8.5 Ounces

Skin Type: Dry