California Tan 858 Cali Tanning Lotion

California TAN 858 CALI Tanning Lotion

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Do you care about your skin and beauty? We should be more conscious about our beauty line. we want to share it with you. We want to think of what you want from your skincare products. We think of it and now we can off you California Tan 858 Cali Tanning Lotion. A tanning lotion you'll love with ingredients that will slow the aging process while amplifying and stimulating your skin to extraordinary levels.


Cali Collection™ Blend carries a unique combination of ingredients that help to keep skin looking young. Soak skin in Aloe Vera and Shea Butter for intense, long-lasting hydration. Develop beach-worthy color with Bronzing Optimizers while Sea Salt nourishes the skin and cleanses pores with vital vitamins and minerals.




  • Long-lasting protector.

  • Help to keep youthful-looking skin.

  • Help to optimize dark color results.




  • Item Type: Lotion
  • Size: 5 fl. oz.