California Tan Biofusion Natural Step 2 Tanning Lotion

California Tan BIOFUSION Natural Step 2 Lotion

SKU: 54402290057

The Biofusion collection offers all ambrosia fans a real alternative. Bio Renewal factor and natural bronzers improve skin suppleness and help reduce wrinkles while achieving a deep bronze glow. In addition, the Biofusion mix saves vitality, energy, and a good mood. 


The unique gel lotion provides a soft, fat-free feeling and a soft, polished appearance. The lightweight, quick-drying formula instantly provides the skin with moisture without leaving it sticky.




  • Absorbs very quickly.

  • Lightweight gel and lotion mix.

  • Solar cosmetics with a self-tanning portion.

  • Provides intensive tanning results and high-quality skincare.




  • Formulation: Lotion

  • Size: 6.8 oz

  • Skin Type: Varies

  • Body Area: Full Body