California Tan Coast Intensifier Step 1 Tanning Lotion

California Tan COAST INTENSIFIER Tanning Lotion

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This is an amazing California tan coast intensifier tanning lotion. California is your dynamic do-all dream formula that raises the bronze bar with instant cosmetic bronzers and delayed bronzers for fierce, beautiful continuous color. There is more to California than beaches and big cities. Take a journey to the coastal mountains and forests to discover pure color potential. 


California coastal intensifier antioxidant-rich alpine lichens and white birch bark even exfoliate skin tone. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Its unique blend of protein, ginseng, and taurine provides strong, energetic skin. Helps protect against California environmental pressures. The vitamins needed for healthy-looking skin nourished by sea oak algae make oil-free, sticky, and quick-absorbing significant and create the ultimate golden color with pay.




  • Alpine Lichen and White Birch Bark

  • A unique blend of Protein, Ginseng, and Taurine

  • Sea Oak Algae nourishes with essential vitamins for healthy-looking skin

  • Formulated oil-free, nongreasy and quick-absorbing

  • Accelerate and build the ultimate golden color with Vitatan

  • Formulated to combat against ATO




  • Formulation: Lotion

  • Body Area: Full Body

  • Volume: 8 oz 

  •  Fragrances: Coastal Waters