California Tan DeFine Optimizer Step 2 Tanning Lotion

California Tan DEFINE OPTIMIZER Tanning Lotion

SKU: 544023000000

Healthy skin is the foundation of a beautiful, long-lasting tan. Tanning lotions and accelerator products not only help give you a deeper, darker tan but also moisturize your skin to help maintain a healthy glow. Using lotions is one of the best protection you can have.

D-fine technology leads to the perfect pores for a more beautiful, long-lasting dark tan. The pro-color complex widens the development of color. Detox and refine the skin with purifying properties in suede, green tea, and arugula. 




  • Maximizes the tanning process

  • Gives instant and delayed color results

  • leads to perfected pores for a more beautiful, longer-lasting dark tan

  • Amplifies color development and restore skin

  • Detox and refine

  • Optimizing dark color results




  • Formulation: Lotion

  • Skin Type: Regular Skin

  • Volume: 8 oz 

  • Type: For Indoor Use