California Tan Seas & Dreams Step 2 Leg Bronzer Tanning Lotion 3 oz

California Tan SEAS & DREAMS Leg Bronzer

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Get dropped in the sea breeze, flavored surf, and everlasting summers. Infuse up the sun and produce waves. Why? Because time is better with a tan. Cali collection blend includes a unique combination of elements that preserve skin looking young. Certified organic extra virgin coconut oil promotes moisture loss and free radical harm for healthy-looking skin and a long-lasting glow. Absorb skin in aloe vera and shea butter for exceptional, long-lasting hydration while sea salt nourishes the skin.


This seas & dreams step 2 leg bronzer provides a soothing outcome, leaving your leg soft with a supple, radiant glow. Copper and zinc from sea salt fortify skin to raise melanin production. This leg bronzer tanning lotion embraces the skin's essential minerals that manage to restore the top layer of the skin. Our leg bronzer is designed to improve a softening impact on the skin, forming a naturally smooth appearance. In addition, it will help to reduce any swelling in your legs. 




  • Contains a unique combination of ingredients that help keep skin looking young

  • Prevent moisture loss and free radical damage for healthy-looking skin and long-lasting color

  • Soak skin in aloe vera and shea butter for intense, long-lasting hydration while sea salt nourishes the skin

  • Toning technology provides skin with a toned and radiant appearance while a unique blend of bronzers boost dark color development




  • Item Form: Lotion

  • Size:  3 fl. oz

  • Skin Type: All

  • Use: Indoor 

  • Application: Leg