Designer Skin Stardom Tanning Lotion

Designer Skin STARDOM Tanning Lotion

SKU: 54402320013

Looking for designer skin stardom tanning lotion for women? This designer skin stardom stellar 60x bronzing force tanning lotion for you. Designer skin stardom lotion with starry eyes, endless dreams, and a glow that belongs with the stars, the whole universe is yours. Designer skin’s 60x bronzing force with dark abyss elixir and longevity complex guarantees an out-of-this-world bronze and supreme glow. Experience the magnitude of sumptuous silicone blend and stargaze flawless finish for a preferred cosmic feel and perfected look.


Take your skin stardom tanning lotion to a new galaxy. Stardom awaits! Stellar 60x bronzing force is designer skin’s darkest and longest-lasting combination of bronzing elements, with dark abyss elixir for flawless extended color increase lasting up to twice as long longevity complex. Exceptionally silky stargaze flawless finish looks to perfection, helping to diffuse light for a softer, younger-looking appearance.




  • Leaves skin feeling hydrated and silky to the touch

  • Dark silicone 60x bronzer for instant and long-lasting results

  • Draws moisturize to your skin to help ensure a youthful glow

  • Great for all skin types as this lotion does not contain any tingle

  • Propitiatory additive helps set bronzers on the skin in place and can make them less likely to transfer




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 13.5 fl. oz

  • Application: Body

  • Fragrance: Mango Champagne