Devoted Creations BLACK VELVET Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations BLACK VELVET Tanning Lotion

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Devoted creations black velvet instant activation-anti-orange mattifying black bronzer tanning lotion is made with indoor, outdoor. Tanning lotions and accelerator products not only help give you a deeper, darker tan but also moisturize your skin to help maintain a healthy glow. This lotion helps the skin condition for a healthy look and feel. 


Enriched with black charcoal and blue tansy extracts, this velvety soft black bronzer will detoxify, color correct, and protect the skin from developing any orange hues. Added spray tan safe silicons plus tattoo and color fade protectors allow your results to last days longer by keeping skin hydrated and creating a moisture barrier to protect color fading.



  • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting Technology

  • Wrinkle Fighting Bakuchiol

  • Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6

  • Spray Tan Friendly Silicons

  • Detoxifying Charcoal Extracts

  • Orchid Noir Fragrance




  • Bakuchiol increases cell turnover, stimulating collagen production and diminishing wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall photodamage.

  • C5 Technology is a lightweight, silky-smooth skin conditioner that helps lock in skin moisture and tanning results.

  • Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 is an anti-aging peptide reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results.

  • Melatime stimulates melanin activity for enhanced pigmentation.

  • BodyFit Technology reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores firmness.

  • FreshTek is a proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients.




  • Formulation: Lotion

  • Skin Type: Regular Skin

  • Body Area: Full Body

  • Volume: 12.25 oz 

  • Type: For Indoor Use