Devoted Creations H.I.M. Extreme Tanning Lotion 9 oz

Devoted Creations EXTREME H.I.M.TANNING Lotion

SKU: 848415006954

Devoted creations H.I.M. Extreme skin camouflaging ultra dark bronzer tanning lotion is formulated to tan, hydrate, and camouflage tired, dry men’s skin. Allows even your rough edges to be transformed into the skin so touchably soft. Protect your color and your tattoos with this unique hemp seed oil skin tanning elixir.


Formulated with various accelerators to speed up the tanning process for faster,  body sculpting bronzers for the natural-looking dark color. Fills in fine lines and wrinkles tattoo & color fade protecting formula protects the color and luster of your tattoos. 




  • NEW AquaCel

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil

  • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting 

  • Anti Aging and skin firming benefits

  • Lightweight lotion in a convenient tube

  • Sensitive skin & body deodorizing formula

  • Low maintenance instant and time-released bronzers




  • Brand: Devoted Creations 

  • Skin Type: For indoor use

  • Formulation: Lotion/Moisturizer

  • Volume: 9 fl oz