Devoted Creations Lavish Legs Tanning Lotion 3.5 oz

Devoted Creations LAVISH LEGS Tanning Lotion

SKU: 876244008993

To accomplish that ultimate all-over gorgeous radiance, lavish legs are a tanner’s dream! This effect is specifically formed to use in conjunction with your tanning lotion to achieve beautiful, dark legs. The bronzing trifecta consists of instant and delayed bronzers that will manage to darken your legs to that perfect shade. Hair re-growth inhibitors will assist you to maintain this color by reducing down the rate of hair growth decreasing your need to shave as often. Ideal lift, body fit, and revitalization technologies will operate to produce your legs resemble their most desirable by stretching, toning, and firming. 


This ultimate dark leg bronzer provides a soothing outcome, leaving your leg soft with a supple, radiant glow. Copper and zinc from sea salt fortify skin to raise melanin production and support improved bronzing capabilities. This leg bronzer tanning lotion embraces the skin's essential minerals that manage to restore the top layer of the skin. Our leg bronzer is designed to improve a softening impact on the skin, forming a naturally smooth appearance. In addition, coffee bean extracts will help to reduce any swelling and increase circulation in your legs. 




  • Naturally rehydrate for a soft, radiant glow

  • Floral extracts help to soothe and condition skin

  • Works to balance uneven skin tone, revealing a polished and smooth appearance




  • Item Form: Lotion

  • Size:  3.5 fl. oz

  • Skin Type: All

  • Use: Indoor 

  • Application: Leg

  • Scent: Midnight Spice