Devoted Creations Lil' Bit Country Queen Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations LIL' BIT COUNTRY QUEEN Lotion

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This is an amazing devoted creation Lil' bit country queen double-dipped dark bronzer tanning lotion. Hydrate and restore the skin with dedicated creations Lil beat country queen bronzer tanning lotion. This lotion helps to condition the skin for a healthy look and feel. Country complex chickweed & blueberry extracts paired together to provide skin with a vitamin layer to restore and repair, nourish and soothe troubled skin.


This lotion will turn your skin into a flawless bronze, sweet down-home summer perfection, not after the scent of tan, so you can party all night long. If you like mud on mascara, you don’t want to bring sand footprints by leaving the blanket on boot tracks. This double-dipped body bronze bronzer will bring you that sweet color of summer and leave your skin glowing like fire and smooth like partridge. 




  • ​Tattoo & Color Fade protectors

  •  Baobab – Very rich source of calcium and vitamins.

  •  Revita Fit Technology – Tones and tightens the skin 

  •  ​FreshTek deodorizes and eliminates after tan odor

  • Sugar & Sweet Pink Lemonade Fragrance




  • Formulation: Lotion

  • Skin Type: Regular Skin

  • Volume:12.5 oz 

  • Body Area: Full Body