Devoted Creations Maliblue Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations MALIBLUE Tanning Lotion

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Our devoted creations maliblue tan enhancer lotion has a fast-acting color-correcting and anti-orange tan enhancer formula. This ten enhancer is infused with coconut and formulated for indoor & outdoor use. So get yourself in a sunshine state of mind with devoted creations maliblue. This blue-hued dark tanning formula will nourish, hydrate, and counteract any orange tones and help to correct any skin imperfections


This color-correcting anti-orange tan enhancer is formulated for indoor & outdoor use. The Kakadu plum protects skin from free radical damage, and coconut oil provides skin softening and hydration properties. These powerful tanning intensifiers enhance tanning results without the use of bronzers. In addition, the Kakadu plum helps to reduce the appearance of red tones, masks dark spots and soothes acne-prone skin while leaving skin with a natural glow.




  • Cruelty-free

  • No Animal Testing

  • Fast-acting tan enhancer

  • Formulated for indoor and outdoor use




  • The Kakadu plum protects the skin from free radical damage.

  • Coconut oil provides smoothing and hydrating properties for the skin.

  • Freshdesk deodorizes and removes odor after tanning.




  • Item: Lotion

  • Volume:  12.25 fl. oz.

  • Type of Skin: All Skin

  • Skin Tone: Normal

  • Fragrance: Sparkling Coconut