Devoted Creations Matte Black Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations MATTE BLACK Tanning Lotion

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Are you looking for a safe and natural bronzing creamy lotion to perfect your skin? The devoted creations of matte black lotion must solve your problem. Matte black tanning lotion has ultra-sleek mattifying no-wait bronzer tanning formulated with unique blurring, smoothing, and contouring agents. This tanning lotion is a creamy, whipped, fast-acting, auto-darkening, instant bronzer that progresses insanely dark results while together drawing toxins. The creamy tanning lotion improves skin’s expression, contouring pesky skin imperfections and leaving you with a mattifying, airbrushed highly sought-after finish.


Blue tansy counteracts orange tones in the skin to provide the deepest bronzed results. Repairs cell damage and increases collagen generation for firmer, younger-looking skin. Tattoo & color fade protecting technology. Insanely black high levels of DHA, natural & cosmetic bronzers for no-wait, instant bronzed results. Protects the longevity of skin while combating signs of successive aging & processing the youthful look of skin.




  • Provide deepest bronzed results

  • Insanely black high levels of DHA

  • SunXtend color extending formula

  • Cashmere blend 24-hour hydration system

  • Tattoo & color fade protecting technology

  • Body fit technology reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores firmness




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 13.5 fl. oz

  • Application: Skin

  • Fragrance: BlackBerry Noir

  • Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, DHA Bronzer