Emerald Bay Bronze Voyage Tanning Lotion

Emerald Bay BRONZE VOYAGE Tanning Lotion

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The emerald bay voyage bronzer helps you to explore bronze boundaries with this bold DHA bronzer. Feed your skin tan-loving nutrients with agave nectar while the premium skincare blend rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.


This voyage bronzer smooth dark tanning lotion is specially formulated just for you, and emerald bay products offer waves of deep bronze perfection as you kick back and enjoy fun in the sun. Natural tropical ingredients and a coastal state of mind, now you can own the beach! 





  • Hydrating cocoa butter

  • Post-Tan Odor Eliminators




  • DHA and erythrulose for extreme color

  • The Agave nectar blend revives and hydrates the skin

  • It does not contain nuts, silicone, gluten, hemp, soy, or aloe




  • Item: Lotion 

  • Volume: 8.5 fl oz   

  • Type of Skin: All

  • Skin Tone: Normal

  • Fragrance: Coco Grove