Emerald Bay Definitely Black Tanning Lotion

Emerald Bay DEFINITELY BLACK Tanning Lotion

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The emerald bay black lotion is an exotic, rich, and deep dark bronzer that relaxes and enjoys the sun. This brilliant black dha bronzer feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with agave nectar while safflower oil and vitamin e deeply moisturize to enhance exotic glowing results. This bronzer will smooth skin to silk-like conditions, leaving you black.


This definitely black tanning lotion has agave nectar enriched with premium skincare concentrates and fortified with nutritive vitamins to provide supple skin and a deeper, healthy-looking tan. In addition, safflower oil provides an antioxidant that moisturizes the skin. 




  • DHA Bronzer

  • Tan Accelerator

  • Hypoallergenic Hydrating Bronzer

  • Authentic, Deep, and Dark Tropical.




  • Sunflower Oil quenches and improves skin color

  • Soak up the sun with this delicious pineapple smoothie lotion

  • This divinely dark accelerator feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agave Nectar




  • Item: Lotion 

  • Volume: 8.5 fl oz   

  • Type of Skin: Normal Skin

  • Skin Tone: Normal