Fiesta Sun Blackberry Blast Tanning Lotion


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Throw yourself in this rich blackberry blast dark tan lotion with ultra black bronzers designed to give you a deep, dark, brown, bronze color for the ultimate party look. Your natural skin will love the moisturizing benefits of golden coconut oil, shea butter, Tahiti monoi oil, along with the replenishing action of natural aloe vera.

Our fiesta sun blackberry blast lotion quality-tanning formulas are uniquely designed to exceed your tanning desires. This fiesta sun lotion contains the most advanced combination of natural tanning ingredients combined with the latest science to give you the deepest, darkest, fastest tan possible while keeping your skin soft and supple. The advanced fragrance technology assures the freshest smelling tanning experience ever.




  • Smooth skin is supported by the combination of Luscious oils

  • Brilliant skin is highlighted by a natural blend of Aloe Vera and vitamins

  • Extended 25 x Bronzers instantly darken and keep your brown and black for up to 7 days




  • Item: Lotion

  • Volume: 8 fl oz   

  • Skin Type: Deep

  • Fragrance: Blackberry Blust