Fiesta Sun Mango Melt Tanning Lotion

Fiesta Sun MANGO MELT Tanning Lotion

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Our mango melt tanning lotion features megadoses of the sizzling hot action that take your tan to an entirely new level of darkness. This lotion is so sultry hot that the skin stimulation will have you craving for more. Softer skin is supported by the combination of luscious oils and vitamins, and the mega doses of unipertan give intense deep dark color. 


This fiesta sun mango melt lotion can blanket your skin using this pure tan maximizing formula. The natural moisturizing benefits of golden coconut oil, shea butter, monoi de Tahiti oil, along with the replenishing action of natural aloe vera, keep your skin looking and feeling it's very best.




  • Bronzers cosmetics provide instant color

  • Fiesta sunâ mango hot melt action dark tanning lotion with firming complex

  • Dark tan firming lotion with complex UV stimulation is enhanced with this extremely hot tingle factor




  • Item: Lotion

  • Volume: 8 fl. oz

  • Fragrance: Mango

  • Skin Tone: Deep

  • Skin Type: Combination