Hempz Men Shave Gel 6 oz


SKU: 676280029781

Are you looking for the best shave gel for adult men? This is the best hempz men shave gel just for you. This shave gel is very popular and the best shave gel for every man. These hempz men shave gel non-foaming enriched with 100% hemp seed oil. Never miss a spot with our unique non-foaming clear shave gel that brings the ultimate control to your shave. Hempz smoothies lotion has been produced especially for men with sensitive skin.


Its witch hazel and aloe help to comfort and relax skin while protecting against flare-ups. You can use it in the shower, on your face, or on your body. You have been covered by shave gel. This men's clear shave gel non-foaming clear shave gel for accuracy grooming advanced lubricants help give incredible glide, comfort, and smoothness. You will look beautiful and handsome.




  • Enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil

  • Non-foaming clear shave gel for precision grooming

  • Does not contain parabens and never tested on animals

  • Advanced lubricants help provide incredible glide, comfort and smoothness

  • Witch hazel and aloe vera help protect skin during and after your perfect shave




  • Type: Shave gel

  • Gender: Male

  • Volume: 6 fl. oz

  • Application: Face & Body