Most Fierce Behavior Tanning Lotion 8.5 oz

Most FIERCE BEHAVIOR Tanning Lotion

SKU: 689466090505

Most fierce behavior ultra-dark fast-absorbing color blast tanning lotion. The ultimate fight for the perfect tan has been won! Uncage the power of 75x bronzing, extreme moisturizing, and fast-acting accelerators for a fierce, dark, set tan. Emma system maximum moisturizing accelerators -75xxx fierce dark stain-free bronzers -advanced skin conditioners for extreme moisturization. 


A state-of-the-art elixir for a smooth fast-absorbing application fragrance fierce battle ingredients aloe vera gel, isopropyl. Palmitate, glycerin, propylene glycol, glyceryl monostearate, stearyl alcohol vitamin e acetate, vitamin e nicotinate, carbopol, methylparaben, propylparaben, phenoxyethanol, t.e.a., EDTA, fragrance.




  • 75xxx fierce, dark stain-free bronzers.

  • MMA complex: maximum moisturizing accelerators.

  • Advanced skin conditioners for extreme moisturization.

  • A state-of-the-art elixir for a smooth fast-absorbing application.




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 8.5 fl oz.

  • Use: Full Body