Pro Tan Beautifully Dark Tanning Lotion

Pro Tan BEAUTIFULLY DARK Tanning Lotion

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This is a Beautifully Dark Quadruple Action Bronzing Accelerator Tanning Lotion. There is no need to be brown with jealousy; you're gorgeously dark. Come to appreciate its unique blend of quadruple extended. This instant bronzer is formulated in a natural base of sunflower, coconut oil, and Monoi de Tahiti oil in a skin conditioning aloe vera base. This is the professional's preference when it comes to indoor and outdoor tanning.


This Beautifully Dark Tanning Lotion formula is a living and growing to work with powerful physiques in their finest state, to treat the skin as a soft canvas, to tone and tan the skin to reflect the individual and reveal their true clarity without compromise. Pro Tan Beautifully Dark Tanning Lotion is the latest skin care ingredients and tanning technology at optimum levels is required to deliver perfect looking skin tone and color.




  • It is a dark tanning lotion

  • Enhanced with aloe vera

  • Moisturises skin while tanning

  • Vitamins A & E keep your skin healthy

  • Skincare ingredients create a beautifully dark glow




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 8.5 fl. oz

  • Application: Body

  • Fragrance: Amaretto