Pro Tan Seriously Hot Tanning Lotion

Pro Tan SERIOUSLY HOT Tanning Lotion

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This is the best pro tan seriously hot tanning lotion for the body. This Pro Tan seriously hot extreme sizzle 10x double dark bronzing tanning lotion. The perfectly seriously hot tanning lotion works the moment it glides onto your skin delivering a fast, deep dark tan with the most irresistibly golden glow. Extreme sizzle 10x double dark bronzing lotion gentle mocha blended with a lite berry. After you use this lotion you can see that you're bold, sexy, and beautiful, and proud of it! 


This 10x double dark bronzing tanning lotion contains high levels of b3 to improve skin elasticity, fight breakouts, even out skin tones, and strengthen the skin's natural to keep moisture. Its Vitamins A, C & E blended with shea butter, monoi de Tahiti, and coconut oil provide continuous silky smooth skin hydration.




  • 10x double dark bronzing tanning lotion

  • Bronzers were not used to make the lotion

  • Irresistibly tan tanning lotion is animal cruelty-free

  • ProTan irresistibly tan tanning lotion made of pure tan maximize.




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 8.5 fl. oz

  • Application: Body

  • Fragrance: Gentle Mocha & Light Berry