Supre Tan Candy Sweet Face Tanning Lotion 3.4 oz

Supre Tan CANDY SWEET Face Lotion

SKU: 676280024793

Our super tan candy-sweet face bb dark lotion gives your delicate face a treat with tan candy dark facial bb bronzer. This lightweight beautifying balm is specially designed to help smooth and balance your skin tone while preparing your skin for dark golden color. 


These natural bronzers help smooth uneven skin tones while covering minor imperfections with radiant, golden, flawless color. These skin firming extracts help firm and condition skin for an improved overall appearance.



  • Oil-Free

  • Nut Free

  • Helps minimize the appearance of pores




  • Item: Lotion 

  • Volume: 3.4 fl oz   

  • Type of Skin: Normal Skin

  • Skin Tone: Normal 

  • Fragrance: Soft-Spun Sugar