Supre Tan Just Black Tanning Lotion

Super Tan JUST BLACK Tanning Lotion

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Super tan Just black absolute black bronzer extreme skin darkening complex tanning lotion. Want to get dark? Just black™! Want to get your tan to the next level? Just black! This black-tastic formula is all about getting your color up a notch. Just black is an absolute black bronzer that is enhanced with instant and delayed DHA bronzers for immediate color that continues to update after UV exposure.


Absolute black bronzers connect a rich blend of instant and delayed bronzers with DHA and erythrulose for immediate color that extends to develop after UV exposure. The skin darkening complex helps to intensify melanin production to transmit skin with a darker more natural-looking tan.




  • DHA bronzers

  • Fragrance: fierce

  • Black quinoa, licorice, and olive

  • Extreme skin darkening complex




  • Help prolong the life of the tan.
  • Help to get a radiant appearance.
  • Help to soothe, nourish and moisturize the skin
  • Leave skin with a darker more natural-looking tan




Item Form: Lotion

Skin Type: Normal

Size: 13.5 fl. oz.