Swedish Beauty I Mist You Body Spray

Swedish Beauty I MIST YOU Body Spray

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This I Mist You body spray is our range of fabulously feel-good body mists. Available in all of your original luscious scents. Get I Mist You body spray and call the fruit for you to pick and choose to match your mood. This range of body sprays helps you smell and, most importantly, feel glorious all day.


The Swedish beauty body sprays spritz positive vibes and good smells on your body and clothes, refreshing your senses with this Swedish beauty. These products are made with high-quality ingredients. This I Mist You body spray smells is unique and feels like an energy boost when breathing the scent of this.




  • A natural odor deodorant works to neutralize ATO and perspiration

  • A powerful combination of skin essential nutrients and antioxidants

  • Update, renew and deodorize. neutralizes odors making it smell fresh and clean




  • Item: Body Spray

  • Volume: 8 fl oz

  • Fragrance: Coconut Dream