Swedish Beauty Love Boho DHA Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Swedish Beauty LOVE BOHO Bronzer Lotion

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Get glowing and get grooving with this triple bronzing blend, while drenching skin with restorative minerals and moisture! Fruit blend featuring Papaya works to balance uneven skin tone, revealing a polished and smooth appearance.  It's time for a natural, flawless color that's as beauty-full as ever. All you need is love and a great tan!


Triple blend of DHA plus natural bronzers helps maximize color, for a long-lasting tan that pales in comparison. Copper and zinc from sea salt fortify skin to boost Melanin production and support increased bronzing capabilities. Let the ocean refresh, restore and re-mineralize with magnesium and calcium from sea salt that helps keep skin nourished and happy.



  • 95% Natural

  • Paraben-Free.

  • Fruit blend featuring Papaya 

  • Allowing it to naturally rehydrate for a soft, radiant glow




  • Formulation: Lotion

  • Size: 10 oz

  • Type: For Sunbed Use