Swedish Beauty Love Boho Tan Extender Moisturizer

Swedish Beauty LOVE BOHO Moisturizer

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Swedish beauty love boho-free spirit light hipster tan extender moisturizer. They maintain your vibe attracts your tribe, so embrace that peaceful, comfortable feeling and relax knowing this free-spirited tan extender has got you covered! Find your friendly spot with a happy hipster blend of minerals that protect and prolong your color, while natural elements promote calm and soft skin all day long. 


Papaya works to restore uneven skin tone, revealing a polished and smooth appearance sea salt blend made the ocean refresh. Restore and re-mineralize with magnesium and calcium from sea salt that helps keep skin nourished and comfortable. 




  • 95% natural and paraben-free.

  • A synergist blend of skin emollients for supple tone.

  • Magnesium and calcium nourished and hydrated skin.

  • Papaya balances skin tone for a more smooth appearance.

  • Phosphorus and potassium from sea salt for better skin absorption.




  • Type: Moisturizer

  • Volume:10 fl oz.

  • Use: Indoor