Swedish Beauty Love Boho Wild Heart White Bronzer - 10 oz.

Swedish Beauty LOVE BOHO White Bronzer

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You’re elegant. Make no excuses for your sense, generous spirit, and your bronze purposes! Your bright personality and gold ambitions can’t be tamed with wild heart white bronzer on your side. Analyze the sky as the limit with a boho glow that assists build reckless, ravishing colors. Service your tan with flower power from floral extracts and see your color truly blossom! The world is yours for the catching, so live carefreely and carry that wild heart on your jacket.


This bronzer tanning lotion provides a soothing outcome, leaving skin soft with a supple, radiant glow. Copper and zinc from sea salt fortify skin to raise melanin production and support improved bronzing capabilities. The white bronzer tanning lotion embraces the skin essential minerals magnesium and calcium that manage to restore the top layer of skin. Our wild heart white bronzer designed to improve a softening impact to the skin, forming a naturally smooth appearance.




  • ATO Inhibitor

  • 95% naturally derived 

  • Vegan & cruelty-free

  • White Bronzer with Clear DHA

  • No Added Gluten, hemp, or parabens




  • Naturally Rehydrate for a soft, radiant glow

  • Floral Extracts help to soothe and condition skin

  • Vegan formula & 95% naturally derived & no added parabens

  • Works to balance uneven skin tone, revealing a polished and smooth appearance




  • Item Form: Lotion

  • Size:  10 fl. oz.

  • Application: Full Body

  • Fragrance: Crimson Kiss 

  • Use: Indoor & outdoor