Swedish Beauty Pink Escape Natural Bronzer - 7 oz.

Swedish Beauty PINK ESCAPE Bronzer

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Imagine a little lighter, breathe a little deeper. It’s an opportunity for a getaway! Shine your way and bask in pieces of paradise with seaberry, banana, and hibiscus. Your purposes are golden, so believe in shades stimulated by the sun with this tropical natural bronzer with instant, dewy and hydrating color. You’ll admire your bronzed skin and the state of mind you’re in! Say true to new adventures. Breakaway from each time with pink escape.


Pink spirit intensifier has tropical bronze tonic from banana which works to intensify your natural color, while caramel implements an instant, dewy hue to the skin. The natural bronzer has a great getaway glow with an exotic blend of seaberry and hibiscus that helps to boost elasticity and optimize skin health.  Beauty pink escape natural bronzer gives flawless finish moisture with super moisturizers which promote a glowing bronze, for a radiant complexion any beach enthusiast would adore.




  • Vegan Formula

  • Provides a sweet, instant glow

  • 95 Percent Naturally Derived

  • Helps to hydrate, smooth, and protect

  • No Added Hemp, Gluten, or Parabens

  • Promote a glowing, glistening skin that lasts all night long




  • Item Form: Lotion

  • Size: 7 oz

  • Skin Type: Normal skin

  • Application: Full Body

  • Fragrance: Iced Pineapple, Banana Creme, and Summer Blossoms