Swedish Beauty Pink Party Tanning Lotion

Swedish BEAUTY PINK PARTY Tanning Lotion

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Swedish beauty pink party p25 social scene DHA bronzer tanning lotion. You're the shiny and bubbly life of the party who prefers to scream"cheers!". So, shape up your squad and rsvp to the most exciting bronzing bash in town! Get your tanning sweet spot with a delectable blend of bronzers, then set the cherry on top of your color with coconut sugar that levels and softens.




  • Coconut Sugar

  • Flawless Finish Moisture:

  • P25 Social Scene Bronzers

  • Toning and Rejuvenating Blend:




Complement the gorgeous glow

Help to tone and rejuvenate skin

Help to make smooth and soft skin

Promote a glowing bronze for perfect skin




Item: Lotion

Skin Type: Normal

Size: 8.5 oz.