Swedish Beauty Strike a Posey Tanning Lotion

Swedish Beauty STRIKE A POSEY Tanning Lotion

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This strike a posey bold natural bronzer hypoallergenic tanning lotion works it, golden goddess! Impeccable your selfies with this triple blend of natural bronzers so good you won't even need a filter! Proclaim your confidence with a bouquet of violet, lavender, and white garland lily to give you skincare so stunning you'll stand out in any crowd.




  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

  • Sweet Seduction Fragrance

  • 95% naturally derived and paraben-free

  • Perfect your selfies with this triple blend of Natural Bronzers

  • Eco-Elements blend Vitamins A, C, and E – found in Aloe – to neutralize free radicals for a youthful appearance




  •  Formulation: Lotion

  •  Body Area: Full body

  •  Volume: 8.5 fl oz

  •  Skin Type: Regular Skin

  •  Type: for indoor use