Tan Incorporated Black Chocolate Triple Black Sunless Mist


SKU: 810888021253

Brown sugar black chocolate triple black professional sunless mist by black bronzers and dark chocolate extracts. Receive salon-quality results with this immediate sunless bronzer. Our lightweight formula comes finished with black bronzers for a rich summertime tan. Get these hard-to-reach spots with our 360° range at any angle, upside down, or even sideways for a streak-free, natural-looking tan. It is a spray and simple to use.


Indulge in a deep dark tan anytime anywhere, this sunless spray utilizes trip black bronzers, blended with black chocolate extracts to give your skin an instant and stunning natural bronze color that deepens in hours. This is a quality sunless spray that is perfect for an all-over tan, to touch up a tan, or to just tan certain body parts as needed.




  • The fragrance is Tropical Mango Blend.

  • Receive salon-quality results with this instant sunless bronzer. 

  • 360-degree range at any angle. Works on all skin types. 




  • Formulation: Spray

  • Size:  7.8 oz

  • Body Area: Full body