Tan Incorporated Coconut Cabana Tanning Lotion

Tan Asz U Coconut Cabana Bronzer Tanning Lotion

SKU: 810888021833

We have developed our black bronzer tanning lotion to not only help you reach the tan you want at the beach, but also adds a light glowing shimmer to your skin. The essential oils we have added work in a wonderful way to repel the bugs. We know what it is like to have those pesky little flying insects harass us. The smell is amazing with this tanning oil. This coconut cabana 200x island black bronzer is pure heaven in a bottle.


You will absolutely love this black bronzer tanning lotion! The secret key is to wipe your hands with a towel after applying it to your body. Coconut contouring and max silicone nourish skin for a healthy-looking toned appearance. Coconut cabana has coconut contouring & max silicones that soak into the skin with a creamy caress for visibly smooth and toned darkness.




  • Lush Coconut Milk caresses the skin

  • Dark Bronzing Blend of Natural Bronzers.

  • DHA free, and Free of parabens, sulfates, & gluten.

  • Stain-free, streak-free natural bronzers

  • CoCoChella Coconut Lovefest Elixir provides lush moisture

  • Easy application and leaves skin Silky, Soft.




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 13.5 oz

  • Application: Full Body

  • Use: Indoor 

  • Fragrance: Spicy Coconut Woods