Tan Incorporated Luau Black Tanning Lotion

Tan Incorporated LUAU BLACK BRONZER Lotion

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Our black bronzer tanning lotion is called Hawaiian nights. Island black bronzers emit paradise-level color, while a blend of black charcoal, Hawaiian butter, extracts, & fruit condition skin for a tropical goddess glow wrapped in a moment of sheer bliss. A one-way ticket to Hawaii is just a bottle away. 


This tanning lotion acts with bronzers for instant color. If you are looking for an excellent tanning lotion that will help you develop the tan you have desired. You will love the feel and the most importantly the quality of the tan. black charcoal glow serum for dark tanning 200x island black bronzer new level of a beautiful tan.




  • Maximum silicone-based lotion

  • Vitamin E, Olive Oil, & Body Butters

  • Natural Bronzers, Cosmetic Bronzers, DHA Bronzer

  • Hawaiian blend extracts condition for a truly beautiful tan

  • Black Charcoal infusion gives your color that coveted “island glow”




  •   Formulation: Lotion/cream

  •   Volume: 13.5 fl.oz

  •   Skin Type: Regular Skin

  •   Type: For sun based use

  •   Color: Black