Ultimate Candy Crush Tanning Lotion 13.5 oz

Fixation CANDY CRUSH Silicone Bronzing Lotion

SKU: 689466090529

Are you searching for silky,  soft, and glowing skin all year-round? Then this candy crush bronzer with solar soft silicone can be the best choice. This Fixation bronzer tanning lotion helps you to build a gorgeously rich glow and super soft skin. The exotic bronzers help your tan quicker and hold more tone, mitigating your skin bringing essential rewards.


It also developed with ingredients like silicone which helps to make your skin silky, soft, and shiny. This lotion is also based on collagen that helps reduce fine lines.it works for anti-aging. Rich in antioxidants like strawberry, lemon peel, mango, and orange fruit extracts make your beautiful skin elegant




  • Using DHA for long lasting bronze color

  • Silicone based for soft, silky feel

  • Rich in Vitamins to protect skin against free radical damage.

  • Collagen works for anti-aging and reduces fine lines

  • Formulated with Rich in Antioxidants like Strawberry, Lemon Peel,

  • Intense skin softeners and skin hydration to keep your tanning results lasting longer.




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 13.5 oz

  • Application: Full body

  • Use: Indoor 

  • Skin Type: Regular Skin

  • Fragrance: Sweet & Tasty