Ultimate Fetish 14oz Tanning Lotion

Ultimate FETISH Tingle Tanning Lotion

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Do you want to get dark fast with ultimate, fixation tanning lotions? Then this Fetish anti-aging, firming & complexion balancing tanning lotion is the best choice for your beautiful skin. These tanning lotion tingles use ingredients that increase circulation to the top layers of skin. This increased circulation results in a tingling sensation and has a warm reddening effect.


This pulse-racing, moderately teasing, tingle lotion will assure that your tan radiates in one tanning session. This anti-aging, firming & complexion balancing formula will leave you teasing all who desire a perfect skin tone. This tingle lets you know the activity in the tanning cells has increased and will give you amazing results. Tingles tanning lotions should be used by people with a good base tan or advanced tanners.




  • Anti-aging balancing formula for desired skin

  • DHA delivery system for dark and undaunted color.

  • Melanin  and tyrosine help to achieve a richer, darker, golden color

  • Anti-aging benefits with Baobab oil and grape stem cells

  • Easy application and leaves skin Silky, Soft.

  • The perfect fusion of immediate and delayed color with DHA delivery system




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 14 oz

  • Application: Full Body

  • Skin Type: Regular

  • Use: Indoor