Ultimate Raspberry Dream Tanning Lotion 13.5 oz

Ultimate RASPBERRY DREAM Bronzing Tanning Lotion

SKU: 689466090758

Do you dream of shiny and glowing skin? Then this fixation raspberry dream tanning lotion is the perfect choice for a dark color, makes your skin silky soft, prevents premature aging and wrinkles, and smells great. Raspberry dream by fixation meets all these expectations with silicones for super-smooth skincare. This bronzing tanning lotion is an amazing choice for its bronzing appearance. 


Streak-free bronzing creme with hemp seed oil blending formula for immediate and long-lasting results. DHA and walnut extract for dark, streak-free color. Silicones leave soft, supple skin, hemp seed oil to moisturize and prevent wrinkles.




  • Prevents premature aging and wrinkles.

  • Formulated with skin-renewing ingredients. 

  • Hemp Seed Oil for superior Moisturization.

  • Raspberry Extract rich in Antioxidants.

  • DHA and Walnut Extract for Dark, Streak-Free Color.

  • Helps to maintain soft, supple skin.




  • Type: Lotion

  • Volume: 13.5 oz

  • Application: Full body

  • Use: Indoor & Outdoor

  • Skin Type: Regular Skin